Vizsla Futurity Maturity Program


Rules for Futurity/Maturity program
and The Nominating Process

The sire and dam should have DNA and OFA numbers supplied on the Nomination Form.  Special dispensation from the DNA requirement is given for frozen semen litters from sires that died before a DNA sample was obtained.  At all times the VCA Code of Ethics and approved AKC breed standard should be used as a guideline in breeding programs.

[While this event is not intended for entrants to earn points toward acquiring an AKC Championship of Record, we will conduct the entry process and class structure in accordance with the Rules applying to Dog Shows, published by the American Kennel Club, Sept. 2015]

The initial Futurity/Maturity competition was held during the VCA National Show and Companion Events on May 1, 2012.  Each subsequent Futurity/Maturity competition will hopefully be held during the “VCA National Show and Companion Events” week.