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Vizsla Futurity Maturity Program


Futurity Maturity Program

To encourage and reward the breeding of Vizslas that most closely conform to the approved AKC breed standard. Such recognition is important to the breed for continued breed improvement.  The program will not only reward the efforts of the breeder but also the owners in whose hands lie the responsibility of continued breed improvement. Recognition is also given to the sire of the dogs for his contribution to the breeding.

The Futurity/Maturity Program and Committee

The entire futurity/maturity program is administered by a separate committee (FMC) of three people.  The FMC has its own bank account.  The funds are kept entirely separate from the VCA.  

The FMC will be entirely self-supporting - all funds disbursed come from the nominations it receives.  Nomination fees are allocated 70% to prize money, 15% to expenses and 15% to the VCA National Show and Companion Events. An entry fee will be charged for the actual futurity/maturity competition.  This fee will be set so as to help defray the costs for the judge, superintending, rosette/ribbon expenses.  We expect it will not exceed the existing sweepstakes entry fee.  This program is not intended to replace the existing Sweepstakes competition.

The Futurity/Maturity program costs the parent club absolutely nothing.  It's actually projected to be a money-maker for the VCA.  The FMC asked only for permission and permission was granted to be included in the VCA National Show and Companion Events schedule.  Any incidental out-of-pocket costs incurred by the VCA for this program will be reimbursed by the FMC. 

Early in 2015 the VFMP established a website to clearly separate our program from the VCA.  The website has all forms necessary to successfully nominate a litter and also an individual puppies into the program.  The committee decided to add an email entry system with the availability to use PayPal to remit all fees.  The hand written and US Mail option is still available.  However, if the PayPal option is chosen a $2.00 additional fee is required.  The website location clearly indicate the PayPal and Non Pay Pal features under the “Buy Now” button.

All forms and rules together with the committee names and addresses will be posted on the Futurity Maturity Program website
www.vizslafuturitymaturityprogram.com ].  The forms will be in PDF downloadable format.  All forms and or updates will be promptly posted to the VFMP Website.

The Futurity/Maturity Committee (FMC) consists of three members in good standing with the Vizsla Club of America, Inc. and American Kennel Club, Inc.  The initial Committee members consist of the program founders:  Joyce Tischler, New York; Michelle Rochester, Nevada; and Edwin Foster, Ohio. The event is to be held annually in conjunction with the VCA National Show and Companion Events.  The FMC is headed by the FMC Administrator, Edwin Foster. 

The administration and financial responsibility of this program rests with the FMC.  Changes to the committee structure will be made by the program founders/successors, when and if required.

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